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You can add any High Quality Pre-Loved items in new or mint, excellent, very good or good condition.

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We preffer
We preffer
We do not accept:

For lower quality items, please consider other options and possible channels of circular behavior (for example donations to Humana, Red Cross, … ).


Evaluate your Pre-Loved items

Take some time to assess the condition and value of your items with our ESTIMATION TOOL *. You can always save your work as a draft and come back to finish later. This allows you to take your time and complete your work at your own pace. To save a draft, simply click the "Save as Draft" button below.

* While our tool delivers highly accurate estimates for most used clothing items, it is important to remember that these are estimates and not final valuations. The stated value is defined as such for the purposes of the Hishka System and is calculated according to Hishka’s criteria. We accept no responsibility for any form of use of the Estimation Tool ** outside the Hishka System.

Items Quality Assessment
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Earn HISHKA Ponts ** along the way your Estiamtion journey. Create an account and become valued member. In return we'll reaward you acordingly.

* Hishka Points (HP) are units we use within the Hishka System to define the estimated value of your pre-loved clothing items. As such, Hishka Points (HP) can only be used and obtained within the Hishka System and its value chain. They can be collected, rewarded and used in different ways. When HP* are used to purchase Hishka products, 1HP equals 1€.

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How do we calculate the value for your HP earnings?

So you've decided to send us your items.

If you agree with the estimated value you can send us your items after receiving the email confirmation and original shipping label which you can print out.

We can always talk and arrange for local pickup

After submitting your items to the ESTIMATION TOOL©

! We will not accept any items or packages without previous confirmation. All the packages send to us without the original shipping label will be returned on the cost of the sender or donated to charit

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What happens when i send you my items

We'll send you original HISHKA shipping label and....

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