New York, New York! Big City of Dreams.

Hishka traveled across the ocean for the first time.

Extra-EU travel was co-funded by the European Union’s Single Market Programme.

The aim of the research trip was to establish cooperation, network, make new contacts, present the Hishka brand and obtain initial reactions to the Hishka brand on the American market.

This project was co-funded by the European Union’s Single Market Programme.

In New York, we met with Prof. Bridgett Artise, an internationally recognized expert on sustainable fashion, lecturer and founder of Sustainable Fashion Week US.

We discussed further collaboration on various actions and events in the field of sustainable fashion, upcycling and the circular fashion economy. We confirmed mutual interest and plans for further collaboration in Ljubljana and New York, both onsite and online, as well as Hishka’s future collaboration and participation of the Hishka brand at Sustainable Fashion Week US.

We visited the Fashion Institute of Technology NY and participated in a special upcycling class and visited the current exhibition at FIT. We defined further activities, including a lecture on sustainable practices, which was later held by Prof. Bridgett Artise for students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Chair for Textile and Fashion Design of the University of Ljubljana.

With the Hishka collection ( modeled live by Valen) we visited several potential points of sale, had several informal meetings and received valuable feedback on the collection.

We conducted hands-on research on the specifics of the fashion market and customers in the US and New York and researched the sustainable brands and practices there. We also researched the second-hand market, its direct channels and connections to the fashion industry.

The research Hishka travel – NEW YORK was very inspiring and very valuable for future collaborations of the Hishka brand.