Live demonstration of the Digital Estimation Tool HISHKA k·rog #1!

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully preformed the first live demonstration of the Digital Estimation Tool!

The development of the tool was co-funded by the European Union’s Single Market Programme in collaboration with and can now be tested and used on our website.

This project was co-funded by the European Union’s Single Market Programme.

At the event, which we named Hishka k·rog (circle /eng. trans.), we demonstrated live to the visitors of the Rog Center how our tool works and how to use it.

The first visitors tried out the tool straight away, they could evaluate their used items live at the event, earn Hishka points and use them immediately for their first purchases. We successfully tested and demonstrated our Hishka user flow and fully closed our sustainable Hishka circle!

photo: Jaka Ceglar & HISHKA

At the event, you users really helped us a lot to gather valuable information, we took into account your experiences and comments and find out how we can further improve the user experience of our Digital Estimation Tool. And that’s exactly what we have done. The new, improved Beta version 1.2.0 is now available for use!

Thank you all for visiting!

You can also meet us at live presentations of the Digital Estimation Tool in the future. For more information, follow the news and announcements on Hishka and Center Rog social networks.
The next HISHKA k·rog #2 event will take place on Dan soseda, June 1. 2024 at the Center Rog.